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About Our Air Conditioners

We sell all major brands of air conditioners for both window and through the wall installation. Most models are in stock for immediate pick up or delivery. We also offer professional installation to our local customers ( additional charges apply). When buying an air conditioner with us, we like to make the experience as easy on our customers as possible. If you are willing to take the following steps before you come down or call us, it will ensure a quick and easy purchase.

Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner Installation
A/C Installation

Information We Need Before Purchasing/Installing

- Measure width of window and/or wall sleeve at narrowest point (For windows, this is usually the screen track)

- Measure height of window and/or wall sleeve opening

- Take picture of window and/or wall sleeve while open

- Measure length, width and height of space to be cooled

- Take picture of electric outlet where A/C will be installed